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DIVE Instruction for those with individual needs


Marshall's founder, Kenneth, is an instructor trainer for two scuba certification agencies (RAID & SSI) that have complete programmes for the dive student with special needs.

Autism is an area where the scuba education and training needs to adapt to the individual student's strengths, and build upon those to achieve certification.


Disabled or handicapped diving refers to dive training that assists divers, with physical impairments, as well as training the divers who will act as certified buddies.

Marshall Scuba's instructor experience training disabled divers and their buddies,

dates back to 2005. And he's been working with Autistic students

during his career as an international school educator.

We are the FIRST dive centre, worldwide, (outside the United States),

to be certified through the IBCCES, to work with Autistic students & divers.

Currently we are the only dive centre in the Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia areas offering

multi-agency disabled diver training, including the training of professionals to work with disability, all the way to the Instructor level.

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